firewalld release

The new firewalld version is available as a second bug fix release for 0.4.4.

The main changes are

Lazy NMClient creation

The NMClient creation is now delayed till it is really used. With firewalld version 0.4.4 it has been created at import time of the fw_nm module, which could result in a start issue with NetworkManager.

Use configure for kmod utils path detection

The kmod utils are not placed in the paths for all distributions. The tools and their path is now detected within the configure call.

Enhancements and fixes for the ifcfg io backend

The ifcfg io file backend is now properly hadnling quoted values and is not failing on shell script code in the ifcfg file.

Do not reset ZONE with ifdown and enabled network service

On reboot or shutdown the zone has been reset to default in an ifcfg file if the network service was enabled and controlling the interface.

The call of firewall-cmd --remove-interface in is now only removing the zone binding in the firewall, but not modifying the ifcfg file anymore.

Translation updates

The new firewalld version is available here: