This is the command line tool to be able to configure firewalld if it is not running or active, for example in the system installation stage or in a change root.

You need to be root to use firewall-offline-cmd.

firewall-offline-cmd is only able to provide information about the permanent convironment and also to alter it. It uses the the firewalld core with the file IO handlers. firewall-offline-cmd can be used while firewalld is running, but it is not recommended. Changes made with firewall-offline-cmd are visible in firewall after about five seconds.

Examples of the firewall-offline-cmd usage

To get the firewalld version:

# firewall-offline-cmd --version

To get the firewall-offline-cmd help output:

# firewall-offline-cmd --help

To get the zone of the interface em1

# firewall-offline-cmd --get-zone-of-interface=em1
no zone

Further information

Please have a look at the firewall-offline-cmd man page.