firewalld 1.2.0 release

A new release of firewalld, version 1.2.0, is available.

This is a feature release. It also includes all bug fixes since v1.1.0.

git shortlog --no-merges --grep "^feat" v1.1.0..v1.2.0

Adrian Freihofer (1):

  • feat(firewalld): add new –log-target parameter

BrennanPaciorek (1):

  • feat(service): add snmptls, snmptls-trap services

Donald Yandt (1):

  • feat(service): add IPFS service

Eric Garver (1):

  • feat(fw): startup failsafe

Matyáš Kroupa (2):

  • feat(service): Add kubelet-readonly
  • feat(service): Add secure version of k8s controller-plane components

Olav Reinert (1):

  • feat(bash): completion of policy-related commands

Pat Riehecky (2):

  • feat(service): add checkmk agent service
  • feat(service): add netdata service

Poorchop (1):

  • feat(service): add ident

Robotic-Brain (1):

  • feat(service): Add service port definitions for ausweisapp2

Subhendu Ghosh (1):

  • feat(service): add prometheus node-exporter

beta-tester (1):

  • feat(service): add gpsd

hos7ein (1):

  • feat(service): add CrateDB

nl6720 (2):

  • feat(service): add ps3netsrv service
  • feat(service): add Kodi JSON-RPC and EventServer services

Source available here:

Source Repository

The source repository for firewalld is stored in git. Clone the repository by

$ git clone