firewalld 0.7.0 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.7.0, is available.

This is a feature release. It also includes all bug fixes since v0.6.0.

New features:

  • Rich Rule Priorities
  • Service Definition Includes
    Service definitions can now include lines like: <include service="https"/> which will include all the ports, etc from the https service.
  • RFC3964 IPv4 filtering
    A new option RFC3964_IPv4 in firewalld.conf is available. It does filtering based on RFC3964 in regards to IPv4 addresses. This functionality was traditionally in network-scripts.
  • FlushAllOnReload
    A new option FlushAllOnReload in firewalld.conf is available. Older releases retained some settings (direct rules, interface to zone assignments) during a --reload. With the introduction of this configuration option that is no longer the case. Old behavior can be restored by setting FlushAllOnReload=no.
  • 15 new service definitions

Statistics since v0.6.0:

  • 266 commits
  • 111 files changed, 4752 insertions(+), 1986 deletions(-)

Source available here:

  • Tarball: firewalld-0.7.0.tar.gz
  • SHA256: da872394ecdc6584fbcefb8044a9a5492f9a3176e864e31b3b082d0b79e5e755
    Note: This release tarball was updated due to missing distfiles. Old hash was bef3e555d99fba51487095e6977aed7cfd582a7ab8505e6d7335e6e833ea42a1.
  • Complete changelog on github: 0.6.0 to 0.7.0