firewalld 0.7.3 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.7.3, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

  • fix: src/tests/Makefile: distclean should clean atconfig
  • fix: test: use debug output based on autotest variable
  • chore: doc: update authors
  • fix: tests/functions: canonicalize XML output
  • fix: failure to load modules no longer fatal
  • fix: don’t probe for available kernel modules
  • fix: build: distribute testsuite
  • fix: tests: convert nftables fib checks to runtime
  • fix: tests: convert probe of nft numeric args to runtime
  • fix: tests: convert ip6tables checks to runtime
  • fix: tests: convert host ipv6 checks to runtime
  • chore: tests: rename IF_IPV6_SUPPORTED to IF_HOST_SUPPORTS_IPV6_RULES
  • fix: reload: let NM interface assignments override permanent config
  • fix: test: CHECK_NAT_COEXISTENCE: only check for kernel version
  • fix: test: direct passthrough: no need to check for dummy module
  • fix: test/functions: FWD_END_TEST: improve grep for errors/warnings
  • tests: support running in containers, “make check-container”
  • tests: add integration tests, e.g. network-manager

Source available here: