firewalld 0.8.2 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.8.2, is available.

This is a big fix only release.

However, it does reintroduce the zone drifting bug as a feature. This behavior is disabled by default.

  • improvement: build: add an option to disable building documentation
  • Typo in firewall-config(1)
  • Fix typo in TFTP service description
  • doc: README: add note about language translations
  • fix: rich: source/dest only matching with mark action
  • feat: AllowZoneDrifting config option
  • feat: nftables: support AllowZoneDrifting=yes
  • feat: ipXtables: support AllowZoneDrifting=yes
  • fix: firewall-offline-cmd: Don’t print warning about AllowZoneDrifting
  • fix: add logrotate policy
  • doc: direct: add CAVEATS section
  • fix: checkIP6: strip leading/trailing square brackets
  • fix: nftables: remove square brackets from IPv6 addresses
  • fix: ipXtables: remove square brackets from IPv6 addresses
  • fix: nftables: ipset types using “port”
  • fix: nftables: zone dispatch with multidimensional ipsets
  • fix: ipset: destroy runtime sets on reload/stop
  • fix: port: support querying sub ranges
  • fix: source_port: support querying sub ranges
  • doc: specify accepted characters for object names
  • fix: doc: address copy/paste mistakes in short/description
  • fix: configure: atlocal: quote variable values
  • fix: nftables: allow set intervals with concatenations
  • doc: clarify –set-target values “default” vs “reject”

Source available here: