firewalld 0.7.5 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.7.5, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

Alexander Bokovoy (1):

  • fix: update dynamic DCE RPC ports in freeipa-trust service

Eric Garver (30):

  • fix(systemd): Conflict with nftables.service
  • fix(direct): rule in a zone chain
  • test(direct): rule in a zone chain
  • fix(client): addService needs to reduce tuple size
  • test(dbus): zone: fix false failure due to list order
  • test(dbus): zone: fix zone runtime functional test title
  • fix(doc): dbus: signatures for zone tuple based APIs
  • fix(config): bool values in dict based import/export
  • fix(dbus): service: don’t cleanup config for old set APIs
  • fix(ipset): flush the set if IndividiualCalls=yes
  • fix(firewall-offline-cmd): remove instances of “[P]” in help text
  • docs: replace occurrences of the term blacklist with denylist

Phil Sutter (1):

  • fix: core: rich: Catch ValueError on non-numeric priority values

Vrinda Punj (3):

  • docs(README): add libxslt for doc generation
  • fix(cli): add –zone is an invalid option with –direct
  • fix(cli): add ipset type hash:mac is incompatible with the family parameter

Source available here: