firewalld 0.8.4 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.8.4, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

Eric Garver (25):

  • fix(rich): nftables: log level “warning”
  • fix(rich): icmptypes with one family
  • fix(LastUpdatedOrderedDict): __getitem__(): fetch from list if int
  • fix(rich): use correct error code for invalid priority
  • fix(icmptype): when applying rules get ict from perm config
  • fix(rich): clamp the IP families to those actually enabled
  • fix(rich icmptype): verify rule and icmptype families don’t conflict
  • fix(nftables): packet marks with masks
  • fix(nftables): icmp types with code == 0
  • fix(ipXtables): rich: avoid duplicate rules for icmp-type w/ mark action
  • fix(policy): cache rule_str for rich rules
  • fix(icmptype): nftables: runtimeToPermanent if ip6tables not available
  • docs(firewall-cmd): clarify lockdown whitelist command paths

Paul Wouters (1):

  • improvement(service): IPsec: Update description and add TCP port 4500

Vladislav Grigoryev (1):

  • fix(cli): unify indentation for forward-ports and rich rules

Source available here: