firewalld 0.9.4 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.9.4, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

$ git shortlog --grep "^fix" v0.9.3..v0.9.4

Eric Garver (10):

  • fix(dbus): conf: setting deprecated properties should be ignored
  • fix(dbus): properties: IPv4 and IPv6 should be true if using nftables
  • fix(fw): when checking tables make sure to check the actual backend
  • fix(ipset): nftables: use interval flag for “ip” types
  • fix(rpm): applet: don’t replace config modified by admin
  • fix(rpm): logrotate: don’t replace config modified by admin
  • fix(ipv6_filter): match fwmark
  • fix(direct): rule order with multiple address with -s/-d
  • fix(nm): reload: only consider NM connections with a real interface
  • fix(policy): warn instead of error for overlapping ports

Fabrizio D’Angelo (1):

  • fix(ipset): fix hash:net,net functionality

Robert Richmond (1):

  • fix(ipset): entry delete with timeout

Ye Shu (1):

  • fix(applet): Show a basic tooltip instead of HTML

Source available here: