firewalld 0.5.4 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.5.4, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

  • update translations
  • fw: if failure occurs during startup set state to FAILED
  • fw_direct: avoid log for untracked passthrough queries
  • firewall-config: fix some untranslated strings
  • Rich Rule Masquerade inverted source-destination in Forward Chain
  • don’t forward interface to zone requests to NM for generated interfaces
  • firewall-cmd: add –check-config option
  • firewall-offline-cmd: add –check-config option
  • ipset: check type when parsing ipset definition
  • firewall-config: Add ipv6-icmp to the protocol dropdown box
  • core: logger: Remove world-readable bit from logfile
  • IPv6 rpfilter: explicitly allow neighbor solicitation

Source available here: