firewalld 0.6.2 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.6.2, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

  • nftables: fix log-denied with values other than “all” or “off”
  • fw_ipset: raise FirewallError if backend command fails
  • ipset: only use “-exist” on restore
  • fw_ipset: fix duplicate add of ipset entries
  • *tables: For opened ports/protocols/etc match ct state new,untracked
  • nftables: fix rich rules ports/protocols/source ports not considering ct state
  • ports: allow querying a single port added by range
  • fw_zone: fix services with multiple destination IP versions
  • fw_zone: consider destination for protocols
  • firewall/core/fw_nm: nm_get_zone_of_connection should return None or empty string instead of False
  • nftables: fix rich rule audit log
  • fw: if failure occurs during startup set state to FAILED
  • services/high-availability: open all 8 ports used knetd/corosync

Source available here: