firewalld 0.6.3 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.6.3, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

  • nftables: fix reject statement in “block” zone
  • shell-completion: bash: don’t check firewalld state
  • firewalld: fix –runtime-to-permanent if NM not in use.
  • firewall-cmd: sort –list-protocols output
  • firewall-cmd: sort –list-services output
  • tests/regression/icmp_block_in_forward_chain: fix for newer nftables version
  • command: sort services/protocols in –list-all output
  • services: add audit
  • nftables: fix rich rule log/audit being added to wrong chain
  • tests/firewall-cmd: rich rule coverage for simple source/dest match
  • nftables: fix destination checks not allowing masks
  • firewall/core/io/*.py: Let SAX handle the encoding of XML files (#395)
  • fw_zone: expose _ipset_match_flags()
  • tests/firewall-cmd: exercise multiple interfaces and zones
  • fw_transaction: On clear zone transaction, must clear fw and other zones
  • Fix translating labels (#392)
  • tests/functions: fix macro to dump ipset

Source available here: