firewalld 0.6.5 release

A new release of firewalld, version 0.6.5, is available.

This is a bug fix only release.

  • fix: do not allow zone drifting
  • fix: test/regression/gh258: add missing keyword for rhbz 1713823
  • fix: rich rule destination with services
  • fix: test/regression/pr323: skip if GRE module doesn’t exist
  • fix: direct: removeRules() was mistakenly removing all rules
  • Revert “fix: ipXtables: using “mangle” in zone not dependent on “nat””
  • fix: guarantee zone source dispatch is sorted by zone name
  • fix: nftables: fix zone dispatch using ipset sources in nat chains
  • doc: add –default-config and –system-config
  • fix: –add-masquerade should only affect ipv4
  • fix: nftables: –forward-ports should only affect IPv4
  • fix: direct: removeRules() not removing all rules in chain
  • fix: allow custom helpers using standard helper modules
  • fix: service: usage of helpers with ‘-‘ in name
  • fix: Revert “ebtables: drop support for broute table”
  • fix: ebtables: don’t use tables that aren’t available
  • Change-interface can accept permanent option

Source available here: